ATM/Debit Card Safety:

Things you can do to help protect your information:

  • Looking at the PIN pad or ATM before inserting a debit card. If anything looks unusual, you should point it out to a staff member.
  • Unnecessary swiping exposes your information to potential skimmers.
  • Protecting your PIN number by shielding the PIN pad when entering your information.
  • Selecting a PIN that won’t be easy to figure out (i.e., don’t use a birthday and memorizing it instead of writing it down.
  • Remember to remove the card from the POS terminal or ATM when you finish your transaction.
  • Remaining with the debit card. Customers should not leave a debit card unattended. If a card gets stuck in an ATM, the customer should stay near the ATM and contact the bank immediately.

These are some simple tips we hope will make your shopping go smoothly!

All of us at Brookville Building and Savings Association thank you for allowing us to serve you.