Board of Directors

According to the FDIC: directors are responsible for selecting, monitoring, and evaluating competent management; establishing business strategies and policies; monitoring and assessing the progress of business operations; establishing and monitoring adherence to policies and procedures required by statute, regulation, and principles of safety and soundness; and for making business decisions on the basis of fully informed and meaningful deliberation.

Our Board consists of current and retired local businessmen that help set the overall direction of the bank and to help ensure that guidelines are followed concerning the amount of risk the bank may take.


Dave Kindell – Brookville Building & Savings Association

Rob Rutherford – Brookville Building & Savings Association

Boyd Risner – Retired, Brookville Building & Savings Association

Teffan Moler – CPA

Bruce Bloom – Retired, Boose Chevrolet

Travis Cassel – Cassel Insurance